Macon Marketing Group Acquires 50,000,000 Iraqi Dinars Held at Warka Bank

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) July 20, 2007

Macon Marketing Group, Inc. Speculation Investment Portfolio Acquires 55,000,000.00 IQD (New Iraqi Dinars) divided equally between dinar denominated bank accounts and dinar denominated securities at ISX Exchange mostly held at Warka Bank for Investment and Finance, a Baghdad-based Bank.

Also, 35,000,000.00 VND were added to the portfolio recently, acquired from U.S. Treasury registered dealers. Vietnam is second behind China in GDP growth and recently announced entrance to the WTO, World Trade Organization, after its invitation was ratified by the country’s parliament. Considering the temporary weakness of the U.S. Dollar, this represents a reasonable parking place for a small percentage of cash allocated for speculative purposes. The upside of these speculative investments cannot be exactly determined, but both are premised to show patriotism for the efforts of our home country.

WARKA BANK IRAQ is the current leader among Iraqi banks for foreign investment accumulation regarding asset values of bank accounts in Iraq. They are also the current leaders in setting up accounts for investing the ISX IRAQ STOCK EXCHANGE, the new stock exchange in Baghdad that is opening up to non-Iraqi investors on August 02, 2007. The financial stocks of Iraq are currently at severely depressed levels near all-time lows across the board.

Those wishing for more information about risks and benefits of investment in the opportunity presented by Iraq may visit InvestorsIraq Site for general info and specifics as to how to open an account with Warka Bank and how to comply with procedures to qualify as a foreign investor, personal or corporate, and how to trade stocks on the ISX that is scheduled to go electronic trading in October 2007. They are currently overloaded as it is, and it will likely take at least 2-3 months to receive a response from them. It has been over two months since they responded to one of our inquiries. We will issue a press release when they do respond again. Therefore, any new clients should be willing to show extreme levels of patience and expect poor service and frustrating delays for the foreseeable future. Otherwise, they are model of integrity and attention to detail that exceeds any other bank ever encountered. Iraq is on track to WTO membership and will officially open its ISX stock exchange to non-Iraqis on August 02, 2007 and go electronic in October 2007, perhaps sooner, providing a once in a generation opportunity to help and invest in the reconstruction of a war-torn oppressed country.

Macon Marketing Group was established to provide a vehicle for entrepreneurial ventures research and development and partake in strategic speculative investments that take 5-10 years to reach maturity and maximum return. Fees from management consulting services were used to make these investments. To facilitate the investments, the corporation at times made purchases and setup accounts under the name of the CEO, but all payments, such as checks, money orders and bank wires were made from Macon Marketing Group accounts. The CEO has signed documents that all such investments are the property of Macon Marketing Group. The current gross revenues of Macon Marketing Group are $ 155,000.00. The company is in some debt and has generated no net income since inception in 2004. The company is privately held. Any and all treasury obligations resulting from the sale of foreign treasury notes or securities will be paid in a timely manner in full with returns prepared by a reputable accounting firm and overseen by competent legal counsel. The company may have an opening for a General Counsel to be filled starting in 2008. Currently the company utilizes several legal firms as needed.

The investment in Iraq is allowed by all U.S. Citizens and was ordered by presidential order 13309 and the company has gone through an investment legalization procedure by the U.S. State Department with help of the AACC in Washington, D.C. The company will file required documentation for calendar 2007 with the U.S. Treasury in June 2008 as obligated by current investment levels in offshore accounts. All those with foreign accounts meeting certain criteria should register with the Treasury to prevent involuntary collection of such information. Macon Marketing Group plans to offer to hire returning Iraq vets who served, especially considering those who are disabled or sustained injury preventing gainful employment. The company will announce in 2008 whether it has funds to make such offers. Ten percent of all profits will be directly donated to charities that assist returning veterans with room and board and employment retraining.


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No financial advice is offered or given here and prudent advice is always that all investors should consult with their financial advisers prior to spending any money anywhere.

Macon Marketing Group’s interim CEO, is a physician executive working for no base salary pending hiring of permanent officers. He will be paid in IQD for services rendered to the company.


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